Social Status: The Fastest Way to Get Women to Notice You and Chase You

What’s one of the fastest ways to attract women in any environment and ‘get laid’?It’s very simple. Just ‘be’ the ‘social alpha’ in any environment you go in (every environment if you can).It’s not really a secret that high status people and celebrities have women chasing them and that they can get sex a lot.Is it their ‘personality’, is it their looks? is it their ‘inner game’? Or is it something that is sort of apathetic in a way?Yes, it’s the female desire to be connected with high status.It matters now more than ever (unfortunately) because the American and other Western cultures have become an extremely socio-centric culture. There’s more importance than ever placed upon social status.It’s quite easy to see the things women will do to gain higher social status and it’s kind of ridiculous. Look at t.v. shows like swimsuit or modeling competitions. So many industries are formed by the desire and exploitation of higher female social status.So just be the guy that’s high social status or who has high social value and you’re in.Women will crawl out of the woodwork and be more interested all of a sudden when you have some social status (including money and nice cars, social proof (other women being interested in you) or see that you have social favor and power.It’s a great tool of leverage to massively attract women but it’s up to you to have control over it and not let gold-digging women use you.If you can keep relational authority over your relationships with these ‘status’ desiring women by differentiating your goal with them and their desire for your money, you will have a lot of success and sex.These things can be called ‘attractor’s’ and they’re great for starting new relationships but it’s up to you to weed through the gold-diggers and to have the character to take it to where you want the relationship to go anyways.A lot of rich guys don’t have the natural character strength to take things to the bedroom and end up getting used by all kinds of socially leeching gold-diggers who are just looking for higher social status and privilege.That is all ‘social character’ and it is the root of many man’s demise, not to mention the source of tortuous conflict within women when it comes to the nature of attraction and emotional pure desire itself.It’s up to you to differentiate a woman’s natural character (even J.Lo has one) from her acquired socially adaptive behavior.So how do you ‘be’ high social status to attract women?Social proof (basically having other seemingly high status women interested in you); this will work miracles.Money, looks, fame, popular talent, cars, money, money..But what about if you don’t have those things? Since women are looking for equal or higher value in a man than they are it’s going to be difficult to compare to pro athletes and celebrities.Having social skill or networking abilities is important then. When you can simply connect yourself with other high status, powerful people then you are essentially a social ‘equal’ of theirs.Social networking is a great way to invite lots of beautiful women into your lifestyle. And you’d better have ‘some kind of’ social skill in a matrix that is so focused on it.To gain access to these people you will often have to not only be a relational equal (independent and unashamed in your own right), you will probably have to offer something of value in exchange for group status.Interdependence is the key to fast-forward your social status by getting connected with other powerful people. But you have to be equal in the beginning instead of feeling ‘further down the social hierarchy’.Overall, being a high social character man is the least important in life, but having it balanced within your foundational character (natural and inner) can lead to an exciting lifestyle that will open up all kinds of doors to plentiful relationships where the women can see the true you.

Ancient and Modern Graphic Designs

Graphics are the production of visual statements on certain surfaces which may include canvas, paper, walls or pottery amongst others. Sign creations, logos, drawings, symbols, graphs and different forms of geometric designs are all forms of graphics. Coined from the Greek word “Graphikos,” graphics are used in different forms of electronic or print media to represent certain ideas. Graphic design refers to the art of combining different forms of graphics such as texts and pictures in publications, ads and websites. The whole history of art is not complete without the mention of graphic design.Graphic designs have been used since the medieval era and ancient cultures such as those of Egypt, Greece, France and Australia used graphic art to communicate or record history. Ancient forms of writing and drawing such as those seen in ancient caves and the great Egyptian pyramids form the foundation of graphic art. Graphic art was also illustrated in classical books such as those seen in the gospel books of insular art which depict the animal style of the barbarian peoples of northern Europe.Modern graphical art was arguably started by William Morris who is considered to be the father of modern graphics. Many graphic designs were produced in his Kelmscott press in the late 19th century and he soon became known for his creativity in this form of art. William Morris together with three other notable artists formed the pre- Raphaelites group and their ideas greatly influenced what is regarded as modern graphic design today.The advent of computers signaled a new era of graphic design which employed the use of digital techniques and creative styles which can be seen in posters and logos today. Many computer software programs such as Photoshop, Corel draw and windows have been developed with different specialized functions available. Visual artists can produce different designs using computer software without necessarily writing or drawing with a pencil or paintbrush.Modern designs are used in different print media for advertisements and promotions to pass on a message by a firm or company to a wide range of customers. The famous logo of a renowned soft drink company created by Frank Mason Robinson in 1885 and the Google logo created by Ruth Kedar are forms of graphic designs which are trademarks of companies. Graphic designs are also used on websites to create a visually appealing web page that will attract visitors and prospective customers. Let’s get started and experience some main stream graphical art now!